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 Danger's English dubbed anime

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PostSubject: Danger's English dubbed anime   Mon Nov 19, 2007 8:17 am

Age Rating:mature
Plot Summary:Masane is a mother tying to take care of her daughter in a rough society. Masane has for some reason or another been chosen by an ancient artifact known as the witchblade. The witchblade takes over Masane causing her to change forms an not recall what happened in her other state. Sexy as hell asskicking with blood at its finest!
File Format:ogm

Episode-1 megaupload.com I22YH6F7
Episode-2 megaupload.com UZDFM89V
Episode-3 megaupload.com CBA7AWKM
Episode-4 megaupload.com GL5MTEHX

SOUNDTRACK- http://www.boxtorrents.com/download.php/129900/Witchblade%20OP1%20OP2%20ED1%20ED2%20OST1%20OST2%20Collection.torrent

Title:Red Garden
Age Rating:mature
Plot Summary:Kate,Rachel,Claire, and Rose didn't think that they had anything to do with each other. Until a girl that ended up being friends with all of them was found dead. Suddenly they start to examine the bonds that they share.
File Format:AVI

EPISODE-1 megaupload.com 973IWYTU
EPISODE-2 megaupload.com A2XXVPN4
EPISODE-3 megaupload.com P6G00JBJ
EPISODE-4 megaupload.com U9OJGD0N

SOUNDTRACK- http://tracker.minglong.org/torrents/%5BNipponsei%5D%20Red%20Garden%20Original%20Soundtrack.zip.torrent
Red Garden OP Single - Jolly Jolly [JiLL-Decoy association]http://tracker.minglong.org/torrents/%5BNipponsei%5D%20Red%20Garden%20OP%20Single%20-%20Jolly%20Jolly%20%5BJiLL-Decoy%20association%5D.zip.torrent
Red Garden ED2 Single - OH MY JULIET [LM.C]-http://tracker.minglong.org/torrents/%5BNipponsei%5D%20Red%20Garden%20ED2%20Single%20-%20OH%20MY%20JULIET%20%5BLM.C%5D.zip.torrent

Age Rating:mature
Plot Summary:Kei awakes in a strange room. He thought he just died. There are others in the room but he doesn't know them. There is also a weird black ball in the center of the room.What the hell is going on????
File Format:ogm

Episode-1 megaupload.com NB5JW8KF
Episode-2 megaupload.com 0DTIN52P

Title:When They Cry
Japanese Title:Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Age Rating:mature
Plot Summary:Keiichi is the new guy in Hinamizawa and already he's got cute girls to befriend. Seems like a good place until he learns his new girl friends are trying to keep him from knowing of the murder that took place here. What else are they keeping from him?
File Format:ogm

Episode-1 megaupload.com XNDN78YD
Episode-2 megaupload.com X4RN9F10
Episode-3 megaupload.com Y2ERUOBX
Episode-4 megaupload.com RM3R10RK
Episode-5 megaupload.com ORQE9VM9

SOUNDTRACKS/CDS http://nipponsei.minglong.org/index.php?section=Tracker&search=Higurashi+no+Naku+Koro+ni

Title:Dead Leaves
Age Rating:mature
Plot Summary:What!? you summarize it. It's too good just watch it!
File Format:ogm

Dead Leaves Movie- megaupload.com Q6CU2O00

Title:Requiem From The Darkness
Age Rating:mature
Plot Summary:Momosuke is a writer kind of going nowhere. One night he stumbles upon a strange group. Forced into their affairs Momosuke feels like he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Freaky things start to happen and Momosuke soon learns they are kind of like karma enforcers for spirits. One of my personal favorites. You better watch it!
File Format:ogm

Episode-1 megaupload.com 5WW46KM8
Episode-2 megaupload.com SP5ZBED1
Episode-3 megaupload.com CJQYLTCN

All right I know this isn't english dubbed but I love this show sooooo much here is the torrent for the ovas.

Title:Murder Princess
Number of Episodes:6
Age Rating:teen
Plot Summary:Princess Arita is forced out of her castle by unknown assailants. She runs into a forest to escape the killing when she comes upon a girl with her sword drawn. As the princess is running she smashes into this girl and falls off the cliff. While falling they are engulfed in a bright light. When they hit the ground suddenly their souls have swapped! This girl was a legendary bounty hunter so Arita asks her to save her country from the unknown enemies.
File Format:torrent


SOUNDTRACK- http://www.boxtorrents.com/download.php/130534/Murder%20Princess%20OST.torrent

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PostSubject: Re: Danger's English dubbed anime   Thu Nov 22, 2007 7:49 am

great post buddy
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Danger's English dubbed anime
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